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The Gayatri Book

The Gayatri Book (Sacinandana Swami)

3rd Edition, 2014

Discover the fascinating world of brahmana culture
Explore the intricate meanings of the gayatri-mantras
Become aware of the power of transcendental sound vibration
Gain inspiration and encouragement for your devotional service

"The Gayatri Book" is a comprehensive manual and a source of inspiration on the mystery of the gayatri-mantras, their meaning and practice. A book not only for second initiated practitioners, but for aspiring candidates as well as for inquisitive nectar seekers.

This edition includes a new section of study questions that help you test and deepen your understanding of each chapter. Also, the text has been completely re-layouted and is printed in two colors making it easy to read. A definite must in every spiritual bookshelf!

"If Vaishnava culture is to take root in the West and carry on indefinitely, surely individual practitioners need to have a thorough understanding of their adopted tradition. The Gayatri Book aims to fill this need. Those who know Sacinandana Swami personally will recognize the imprint of his expertise and concern as a teacher. The Gayatri Book is both a practical manual and a carefully woven explication, thoughtfully structured as an unfolding, blossoming flower, revealing one after another the layers of significance to this important aspect of brahmana practice."
[Krsna-ksetra Dasa]

3. Edition, hardbound, 351 pages, size 22x15x3 cm