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Sacred Longing

by Sacinandana Swami

Saranagati Publishing 2011

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Sacinandana Swami commented on this recordings:

"These CDs are different from other recordings in that the kirtans are imbued with deep and sacred longing. We recorded them a day after Janmastami, the amazing festival of Krishna's appearance in this world. At midnight, when the curtains of the altar opened, all who were present felt as if Radha and Krishna had come on a river of love flowing directly into our hearts. The next day we sang through the night, still carried on the wave of that inspiration. We wanted only Krishna, nothing else. Nothing in this whole wide world could match the sweetness of the supreme, and we poured those feelings into the kirtans on these CDs."

Those who chant with great material satisfaction - as if they have no need for spiritual life, will never experience how the soul attains wings and flies beyond the limitations of body and mind to enter the embrace of the Lord. But alas, our stonelike hearts often feel so cold. How can we ignite them? Strong feelings of divine love live in the innermost hearts of real devotees and saints, and when we hear such persons speak or sing of Krishna, their hearts enter ours if we make our hearts receptive.

May these CDs inspire all of you deeply and fill your hearts with the bliss we felt when we sat down that evening and experienced the miracle of meeting our Lord through strong feelings of separation [Sacinandana Swami].